Bishop John L Cobb


Bishop John Lewis Cobb was born in Red Springs, North Carolina. He was the first child of the late Lucy Johnson and the late Joe Cobb. He is survived by his wife and children.

John Lewis Cobb joined the United States Army at an early age and entered into his ministry at the midpoint of his life. He is recognized as a Bishop and remembered with great honor for his service to God and his country during World War II. He was highly decorated for his service in the war and received a Presidential Letter as well as an honorable discharge.

He is preceded in death by his parents Lucy Johnson and Joe Cobb; and sister Sally Scoggins.

Affectionate memories of John are being shared by his surviving wife Earl Cobb;sister Cora White of Dacula, Georgia; brothers Daniel Johnson and Neil Johnson of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;children Jonnetta Cobb of Columbus, Ohio; Isaiah (Martha) Cobb of Schenectady, New York; Rev. Faith Cobb of Columbus, Ohio; Hazel Brinson of Louisville, Kentucky; Angela Stevens (Eddie R. Gainey, Jr.) of Columbus, Ohio; Theresa (James) Campbell of Columbus, Ohio; John-Ellie Cobb (Roberto Sanchez) and Tony (Christy) Stevens.

John will be missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing him and the privilege of loving him.

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Condolence Messages

  1. Dad,

    The Lord Delivered you from your suffering according to my prayers. Though I have not been able to see you for many years, the Lord has assured me that I will see you when we meet Him. We will have a lot of catching up to do and much to talk about. I have my white robe from the Lord waiting for me … yet, the robe (white and gold) I had for you, I will proudly wear it in service to the Lord and will remember you during these times and always.

    Your baby Hazel misses you, too. Though she could not get to Columbus, she sang as beautiful as our mother did in your honor as Isaiah, Jonnetta, Hazel, and I laughed together as we spoke of our fond memories of you. These memories are treasures in our heart that will always remain.

    We love you, Dad. At present, both you and Mom (Evang. Hazel Cobb-Johnson; 1922 – 2002) are asleep; and we look to see you both again.

    As for me, I will run this race with all vigor that I might gain my crown. Thank you for the many times you and mom fasted and prayed for me as well as took the time to dedicated each one of us to the Lord while we were in the womb. Even unto death, mom faithfully lived a life pleasing to God and ministered. Indeed, I am the Lord's and He is my Joy and hope during these times. Thank you for the life of faith you led with mom that taught me how to be a woman of faith. Moreover, the thousands of questions I asked you and mom about God when I was a little girl, really paid off… thanks for the patience with me to answer them. While the world doesn't always know this, the greatest gift anyone can give a person is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thankful that you and mom delivered this to me and to many, many others across this nation.

    Until then … continue resting in peace.

    I love you.

    Rev. Proph. Faith E. Cobb

  2. We are glad that we had an opportunity to honor your life. Your example for me will live forever in me and I hope to one day be half of the person that you were in my life. All of my memories of you are good. We had our hard times, but my entire life has been blessed by the love of your presence. What I have recieved, I am greatful for. The time I had I am greatful for, thank you God for blessing my life throught the example of my father. I will honor your memory always

  3. My father, the hero of my life that I will always love and remember. I will keep your legend alive forever. You are still alive inside of me, from your wisdom I will continue to grow. Theresa does not have on line access right now; however, if she did-she would say I love you, miss you, and will never foget you. If she did have access to this she would say, I wish you did not have to go home so soon, but God is God. If mom (Earl Cobb) had access she would say that she loved you with all of her heart and she will see you again in paraidise. She would tell you that since you got there first to save her a seat close to Jesus. However, they are not here and they are not expressing this to you, but we know the contents of their heart. As for John Ellie, she would finally like you to know I love you dad and I am proud that I am your baby and you never forget it!
    In your memory we declare the following:

    May you live forever and I never die. Rest in Peace

    • Thank you so much my precious Little Sister Johnella Cobb for writing my condolences for our dad and everything you said for me and for mom was absolutely right on what we both would had said on here. I love you Little Sister and like dad would always say, “don’t you ever forget it. Dad just like your baby JohnEllie stated for me is what I’m going to say, I love you dad and you will forever be loved and missed always. You are my best friend in the whole universe and the only man ever in my whole life who loved me unconditionally and the only man who never once hurt me. Dad I’m proud of you for everything you did in life, for being a soldier in the U.S Army and fighting in Pearl Harbor World War 11 and being a Minister for God and being the best dad and grandpa in the whole world. Dad you taught us kids to love God and to love each other and we are living up to your teachings and we all stick together. I love you dad and because of you I’m a strong woman and able to always walk away from any situation that isn’t healthy or respectful knowing how you raised me, I remember and value my strong roots that you blessed me up in and I’m a strong woman always because of you dad and thank you so very much. We all miss you dad, Tonie has your flag hung up so beautifully on his wall along with you and mom’s pictures and he misses you so much and so do us girls. Dad your the best always and we love you and don’t you ever forget it. “May you live forever and I never die.”

  4. TONIE,Christie,Clorrissa,Austin

    A good solider never dies he lives on forever as a hero being remeber for all the remarkable things he fought for.IYou will always be in our hearts. We would like to say a special thank you to Mom for so many wonderful years for taking care of pops.Someday we will meet again in heaven so save us plenty of room with the extended family you have you might want to R.S.V.P
    We will always miss you until we meet again.

  5. he was a good man with a kind heart. god bless him

  6. on September 12 2008,
    Bishop John L Cobb had all except for one of his children's names mentioned, his son Tony Stevens (Christy Stevens). Bishop John L cobb's son Tony Stevens (Christy Stevens) was not mentioned by the speaker, Rev.Lorie Lay.We do apologize for his name not mentioned at the time of service.
    Tony Stevens was dearly loved by his father Bishop John L Cobb. Tony Stevens and his wife Christy stevens will always love and remember his dad for the wonderful man that he was all of his son's life. All the way to the day God took his father on to heaven. Bishop John L Cobb will truly be missed and forever be loved by his son, Tony Stevens (Christy Stevens)
    Thank you.

    • christie Stevens

      Thank you Lori this means and we are all humans we love you and we love and miss Earl and John dearly (pops)

    • Rev. Faith E. Cobb

      Rev. Lay, I am not even sure you had the whole list of his children. His only son is Isaiah Cobb (born April 28, 1962) in my marriage to my mother (Prophetess Evangelist Hazel Lee Cobb (at the time). I believe that I have heard of Tony when my parents had known his mother (Earl Stevens and later Earl Cobb) as they met her during parent’s ministry. I remember seeing his mother with my father many years before my parents divorced (by the request of my mother in response to the pregnancy with Angela Stevens – who said she forgot to list my brother). I am glad that Tony and the subsequent children, nonetheless, enjoyed my father as a father. Prior to this new arrangement, I was next to his youngest (and last known him at home at age 14; I was born November 5, 1963 and on my birth certificate, their charter is listed as “Holy Tabernacle of God”. His oldest, Jonnetta Cobb, died December 20, 2016 at the age of 56 (born August 30, 1960) – Obituary: ; my youngest sister is Hazel Brinson (born June 4, 1965). May both my parents, who would be both 96 years old today, rest in peace and hope. I will see my father and mother again as well as their firstborn, my sister- Jonnetta Cobb, with Jesus. I am not sure of how many more children my father has now outside of my mother, however, I will remember him as with my family and his ministry with my mother as it was anointed and powerful. I had already grieved my father when he left decades ago. On the announcement that he was likely to die, I prayed for him to cease from suffering and was unable to grieve a second time as I was very close to him and God provided closure for me as a young woman who grieved until adulthood. It is never easy losing a loved one (whether by death or absence), but God Heals our wounds. I will see him again. From time to time I’ve missed him (especially many years prior to his death), but I have the assurance of our hope that I will indeed see him again.
      – Reverend Faith E. Cobb

      • Rev. Faith E. Cobb

        Although it is self-explanatory, I meant to say, “his only son – Isaiah Cobb … “in my father’s marriage to my mother. I am fasting, that is a good thing. God Bless and again, I am glad that Tony enjoyed the presence of my father as his own. God was ours in his absence and He Healed the grief of that loss as I can no longer grieve my father. I will see him again with Jesus just as I asked God many years prior to his actual death. He loved my mother and us; that I do know. That is all that I need to know and need you all to know. May both my parents now rest in peace and, prayerfully, may their good works in ministry together and apart follow them. Isaiah Cobb, born of my mother (Hazel), is my father’s only begotten son and that so, in marriage to my mother; and that son has many sons and grandsons. Peace to my family born of my mother and father and to our heritage in Christ Jesus. May all know Jesus.

        Reverend Faith E. Cobb

  7. Dear Dad,
    It has been a year and it does not feel like it. If you were here, I would be at your house with a cake and balloons, but you are not here for this birthday. I just want you to know that I love you and I am with Theresa celebrating your memory today. I want you to know that I love you now and always. I will see you again, God bless, until I reach paridise. Salute!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I love and miss you grandpa. You taught me so much in life. It is because of you that I am the woman I am today. Your raised wonderful children and grandchildren. So papa I just wanna say Hello again. I love you forever and always and don’t you ever ever forget it.

  9. During this month of September I can look back knowing that I had such a wonderful man in my life dad you said may you live forever and I never die a soldier Never Dies he just Fades away I just want to tell you you haven’t faded yet and I’m so glad I made it yet another year to be able to post one more time in your honor God bless and stay up always dad until we meet in Paradise with Christ

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