COVID-19 Statement

We are grateful that the Governor has allowed us to continue to serve families and provide a venue to facilitate the grieving process and to celebrate the life of your loved ones.  We will continue to respect the social distancing suggestions. 

During this crisis, we will attempt to meet with as many families and make arrangements via phone and Internet.  If you must come in to make arrangements, it is limited to immediate family only with a five-person maximum.

We will not keep regular office hours until the governor releases us from the quarantine.  This means you must schedule an appointment to make arrangements to pick up and drop off items.

We are highly encouraging (not mandating) that families have services at one of our chapels.  (Many of the churches are closed in an attempt to slow down the spread of this virus.)

We do offer complimentary video streaming for services from our chapels.

Only 10 people may come to a private viewing and no more that 50 for visitation and services at our chapels.

We will rearrange our seating in the chapel for 50 chairs only, also allowing us to space them out to maintain social distancing.

We will not be using limousines during the virus crisis.

We will work hard at disinfecting the public area after each service.

Some of the cemeteries have also put limits on the number of attendees for the graveside services.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and we pray for the healing of our nation and this world.