Relaxed COVID-19 Statement

We thank God in advance for healing the world and keeping us through this pandemic.  As of June 2, 2021 Governor Dewine has relaxed some of the Covid 19 restrictions.  We are grateful for the vaccine; appreciative for all who have taken it and thankful that the number of Covid 19 cases and deaths have gone down.  In an effort to keep these numbers going in a downward trend we will continue to do our part to slow the spread of this disease.

As this crisis continues, families can meet in person, via phone or Zoom.  If you come in person to make arrangements, it is limited to immediate family only with a five person maximum and EVERYONE MUST BRING AND WEAR A MASK covering nose and mouth during the duration of the meeting.

We are offering a Virtual Meeting discount until further notice.  If you opt to use our Collaboration Center and Zoom Meeting in place of in person arrangement then we will extend a $200 discount to each of our packages.

We are highly encouraging (not mandating) that families have services at one of our chapels.  Many churches are closed in an attempt to slow down the spread of this virus.

We will continue to offer COMPLIMENTARY video streaming for services from our chapels.

Only 15 people may come to a private viewing and no more than 70 individuals for visitation and funeral services at our chapels.  We rearranged our seating in the chapels for 70 chairs only, allowing us to space them out to maintain social distancing.

 Every guest must have a ticket to attend the visitation and funeral.

Options for more than 70 Family and Friends

Visitation Option without a funeral — unlimited attendees (20 People in the chapel at a time).

You can choose to have a two-hour visitation instead of a 1-hour visitation and a funeral. If you choose this option you are not limited to 60 people.  We will allow 20 people in the chapel at a time. 

No more than 5 family members can attend the in person arrangement conference.

During this time we will not supply Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate or water for consumption

We are now providing limousine service (6 people in limo).  No one is permitted to sit upfront with the driver.

We will work hard at disinfecting the public area after each arrangement and service.

Some of the cemeteries have also put limits on the number of attendees for the graveside services. 

Sorry for any inconvenience, and we pray for the continued healing of our nation and this world.

Marlan J. Gary