Donnell Marco Simmons

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Donnell Simmons was born on November 12, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois.
Donnell was affectionately known as Froggy (aka Frog Man) to all who loved him.
Donnell quickly earned this name as a small child because he was very active;
always jumping and leaping everywhere. He was known for his distinct round,
beautiful eyes that just popped out with excitement. Like frogs, Donnell could be
bold one day and relaxed the next. As many people know, frogs have a sticky
outer substance on their bodies and tongues. Like these little creatures, Donnell
was a person who often stuck around. Sometimes you would see him and
sometimes you would not, but he always happened to be close by.

As a child, Froggy would put on his onesie pajamas with his favorite cowboy
boots his grandparents bought him and he would tie a robe or towel to the back
of his clothes. This is because he thought he was Zorro. On Saturday mornings, he
could always be found watching the movie, The Mask of Zorro. Froggy would
watch the movie over-and-over again to memorize the words and every action of
Zorro. He would grab one of his favorite masks, a spoon or pancake spatula from
the kitchen and jump from the top of the stairs down to the bottom stair in a
continuous pattern; all while claiming to be Zorro. During other times, Froggy
could be found walking on his toes like he was a professional ballet performer. He
was very agile and athletically inclined.

As a result of Donnell’s athleticism, he joined the Roseland Little League to
burn off some energy. He had the perfect baseball frame; thin torso with long
arms and long legs. He loved to run and was very fit. He would often swing the
ball and immediately take off, sometimes before he even successfully hit the ball.
He was resilient and never gave up. Donnell enjoyed little league, not only for the
exercise but for the opportunity to spend personal time with his grandfather,
Albert Heard. Afterall, Froggy always celebrated his birthday just two days after
his grandfather who was born on November 10 th . On Sundays, he joined his
grandparents at church where he sang in The Little Warriors for Christ Children’s
Choir, following in his mother’s footsteps.

Donnell loved animals and especially dogs. One of his first jobs was helping
his aunt breed and rehome pets. He was great at making deals and could sell even
the most rambunctious puppies. Donnell was good with his hands and excelled at
any job that allowed him to be hands-on and active as opposed to sitting at a

desk. He worked as a professional landscaper and snow removal specialist. He
later worked in the construction field in Chicago with his uncle Roc, and in a
factory and transportation logistics firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Froggy attended Samuel Gompers grade school in Chicago, Illinois. He
attended Westerville South High School in Westerville, Ohio and graduated from
Beechcroft High School in Columbus, Ohio. Froggy later attended Columbus State
Community College in Columbus, Ohio.

Froggy departed this physical life on Monday, October 3, 2022. Froggy is
mourned by a host of family and friends including his mother, Helena Heard, and
father, Terrance Jackson. Froggy is mourned by his grandmother, Phyllis J. Heard,
who was a second mother to him. Froggy’s second father, Albert J. Heard
preceded him in death. Froggy leaves behind sisters on his mom’s side including,
Saige Ollison and Aquavlin Roberts. Froggy’s sister, Amber Hemphill preceded him
in death. Froggy leaves behind sisters on his dad’s side including, Kira Govan, Tira
Coleman, and Ashley Crowder. Froggy’s brother, Terrance Jackson, Jr. preceded
him in death.

Froggy leaves behind three nieces, Taliyah and Trinity Collins, and Aria
Hemphill. Froggy is mourned by his aunts and uncles including Rodney Stone
(Debra), Avis Heard, Allison Heard, and Albert Heard. Froggy is also mourned by
his uncles Vernardo Parker and Carl Leland. Froggy is mourned by his favorite
cousins, Tiffany Stribling, Donovan Stone, Paige and Stone Parker, Christopher
Wilks, Jimmie Grissett, Erikka Gordon, Diasia, David and Dimaria Gordon, Darvel
Stone (Tiffany Montgomery), and Javon Campbell. Froggy also leaves behind
siblings Everett, Kristi, Savannah, Payton, and Brandon.

We will forever miss Donnell Simmons, and are guided by the light and
words of God our Savior who proclaimed in Isaiah 53:5, “But he was pierced for
our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that
brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” For God said,
“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Visitation 11:00 AM and Funeral Service 12:00 PM Sunday, October 16, 2022 at MARLAN J. GARY FUNERAL HOME, THE CHAPEL OF PEACE EAST, 5456 E. Livingston Ave. (one block east of Noe Bixby, turn North on Lonsdale Rd).

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