Hope For The Holidays

  1. Hope For The Holidays was Everything !!
    What a wonderful memoir for the families you’ve served in 2020, and for those of us who were able to share in those memories.
    Keep doing great work Marlan Gary Chapel of Peace.
    You are the absolute best!!!!

    • Thank you Mrs., Lady, Sister, Evangelist Patricia Ross. As I read your comments I could not help but to reflect on my early years. The Triedstone Movement has helped to shape me and mold me. You all trusted me before everyone else. Your leadership put me in rooms and at tables forming relationships that carried me from level to level. Thanks for always being prayerful and supportive.

      Marlan Gary

    • Excellent Job! I was so proud to be apart of the Hope Holidays! God Bless!

  2. Thanks so much!!! This was everything I promise this brought some cheer in my holiday I been sad but thanks guys this mean so much to me I’m in tears. I miss my son so much…… may God continue to use you all for his work. Happy holidays guys
    From the Wilkins family

  3. Kellie C. Davenport

    From the bottom of our hearts , thanks so much for the Davenport and Jenkins Family.

  4. Theresa Hopewood

    Thank you so very much for this beautiful tribute. While today is a day of some sadness, I rejoice on my father’s salvation.

  5. Kim Frederick Brown

    Good afternoon this was so beautiful…and I really thank God for you guys…keeping me in prayer, with your messages since my mom’s passed on. You guys are some DOPE HUMAN BEINGS!!! 🙂 Thank you again, and God continue to bless you all real good…

  6. My husband passed January 2019. My heart goes out to families that lost someone in 2020. This year death has become common to hear. The difference is some love ones were laid to rest without everyone being able to pay their proper respect. Be encouraged that nothing is wasted with God. Joy comes in the morning

  7. I want to Thank everyone and everything that you did for my husband Timothy Armistead it’s well appreciated Love Mrs. Jeanetta Armistead and Family ❤️

  8. This tribute was beautiful! I was a little apprehensive about watching it at first, thinking it might make me sad, but it was quite the opposite; I was filled with joy and hope! I throughly enjoyed watching and listening to it from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much for being a pillar in our community and providing outstanding service. You guys even sent a thoughtful message for my brothers birthday, which was received with heartfelt gratitude. You guys reaching out to let us know you haven’t forgotten about us means the world. Happy holidays to you all as well!

  9. Marlin Gary, you and your staff, are amazing at what you do! I thank Almighty God, for the care and compassion you all have and gave to my family!
    My nephew, Aquante’ Lee Braswell
    Hope For The Future a gift that Blessed My Soul.

    Thank you,

  10. I Really appreciate your staff still reaching out that is very special. I been Empty inside and the encouragement and kindness your staff continue to deliver is treasured.

    Thank You

    And God Bless….

  11. Gayle POINDEXTER

    Gayle Poindexter and Family
    I would like to give my deepest thanks and appreciation to the Marlon Gary Chapel of Peace Funeral Home and a special thanks to Physcilla for going above and beyond to be so supportive to the needs of me and my family . I lost my dear father Fredrick Banks Sr July 6, 2019 and my dear brother Vernon Poindexter Sep 26, 2020. Each time the staff of Marlan Gary Chapel of Peace, were comforting in a time that was needed. Each homegiung was beautiful and professional.
    Thanks From My Entire Family

  12. Geraldine Keel-Mann

    I would like to thank Marlan Gary Chapel of Peace for everything. This tribute has meant everything to me and my family after losing our Dear Brother Walter Keel in November 02 of this year. Everyone there has been so amazing.
    Thank you ,
    God Bless

    • God Bless You Ms Geraldine. We are still praying for your family. Please keep in touch and we will do the same.

  13. Shirley Freeman

    Hope for the Holidays was a blessing. It did not make me sad, but rather it helped me remember the joyous times I shared with my son who passed in June. I cannot say enough about the care and concern shown by the Marlon Gary staff. Ms. Jefferson has definitely become a part of my life. Peace and Blessings to you all.

  14. Charles Crawford jr.

    Hope for the holidays, brother Marlan that is truly what your production gives HOPE. How nice of you to allow those of us who have lost loved ones to see their faces again throughout hope for the holidays. God bless you and the Chapel of Peace you truly made this burden a little more bearable for me and my family.

  15. Barbara Thornton

    Hoping that The Marlin Gary Family has a wonderful and Happy New Year. 2021 was a trying year for me and my family. We chose The Marlin Gary Chapel after the passing of our loved one-and we’re very pleased with everything that we received during this time. I was comforted by the staff and it’s been over three months and I’m still receiving best wishes and help. Thank you all so much for you’re caring about me and my family. I know you do this for all your clients, but I take it personally. May 2022 be a brighter year for our world. Thank You

  16. Thank you, the video was lovely. It was wonderful to show everyone’s loved one in the slide show. When I saw my baby girl’s smile in her picture, I thought of the extraordinary memories of her. Thank you again.

  17. Prophetess Toni Williams

    Thank you so much for kindness you showed to my family, the family of Tommie L Dean 3/8/2020. Thinking of him more and more as the days comes and goes, thank you for your words today to all that is mourning their loss.

  18. Thank you so much for this Beautiful tribute to all the love ones that is no longer with us. My heart became heavy when I seen my mothers photo,I pray every day and it has gotten better.Thank you for all you’ve done for my Family and and many of others…
    Marlan Gary and staff Thank you and be Bless !

  19. Thank you Marlan Gary and the Chapel of Peace team of Angels. The genuine caring and outreach you offered following our Mother’s service was unexpected but welcomed, thank you. Your service did not stop at the graveside. I am grateful for this beautiful reflection of the year and messages of hope for the New Year. Wishing you and your team a Blessed and Healthy New Year.

  20. The Mixon Family

    Marlan, you and your staff are a Blessing. You have reached out to us many times this year and we appreciate everything you all do! Hope for the Holidays is just another added Blessing.
    Marlan, like we said, you are family now!
    Thank you again,
    Butch, Benji, Jodelle and Shellee Mixon

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