James C. Glenn


Sergeant SP4 Corporal Buck, James Charlie Glenn, also fondly known as “JC”, age 76 passed away peacefully at University Extended Care Amara in Augusta, GA, with his Hospice nurses by his side after a lengthy illness and COVID-19 on Friday, February5, 2021 at 4:17pm. James’ family wanted to be by his side, but was unable to due to COVID-19 restrictions. His family had to witness his passing via FaceTime.

James was born October 30, 1944 in Beckley, West Virginia to the late Willis and Maybell (McDonald) Glenn. He was the youngest of four children born to this union.

James was educated in the Beckley Public School System. “JC” successfully graduated from Stratton High School (Class of 1963). After graduation, he enlisted in the United States Army from 1965 to 1967. “JC” was a very proud dedicated soldier. He fought in The Vietnam War for a country that never fought for him, because he was a Negro. Some of James’ Military accomplishments while serving in Vietnam includes, National Defense Service Medal, Sharpshooter Rifle (M-14), Good Conduct Medal, USATCA (8 weeks), 1965 Clerical, PFC E-3 (P), APTD: April 4, 1966. James was sprayed with Agent Oren and was honorably discharged on July 30, 1967. Life was never the same for our father. He developed PSTD along with other disabilities. The United States Government did not offer supportive services of aftercare for the horrific trauma he endured. James was determined to live a normal life that became difficult.

On August 15, 1970, James married his 1st love and only the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and the mother of his children, Gladys Patricia (Preston) Glenn. James Loved with everything with him. She loved him just as much. With this beautiful union, they were blessed with four children, NaNa, Jim-Jim, Chuckie and Boom. His pride and his joy was his family. James relocated his family to Atlanta, Georgia to began a life he yearned for. But the PSTD, mental and physical disabilities took over. Mom and Daddy divorced, and he returned to Beckley, WV. He struggled for the rest of his life. He was determined to continue to be the best father. He took on the challenge and raised his Junior, Jim-Jim.

In 2004, James and Gladys remarried and relocated to College Park, Georgia until Gladys received her heavenly wings July 8, 2013. He again was heartbroken. James was a faithful member of The New Bethel United Holiness Church where he was baptized at a very young age, under the leadership of Bishop Alvester McConnell. James believed that Jesus was the son of God and Jesus died on the cross to save him from sin. James confessed with his mouth and repented to God often while talking to his daughter, Boom. James was saved! Hallelujah, Glory to God!

James is preceded in death by his wife, Gladys Patricia (Preston) Glenn; first born daughter, Natalie “NaNa” (Preston) Clark; parents, Willis Edward and Maybell (McDonald) Glenn; brother, Harold Edward Glenn Sr.; nephew, Harold Edward “Sput” Glenn, Jr; father and mother in law, William and Fannie (Rutledge) Preston; and brothers-in-law, Paul and Richard Preston.

James lives to cherish his legacy, fond memories, and to celebrate his life, sons, James Edward “Jim-Jim” (Vieanna, Austria), Charlie George “Chuckie” (Parkersburg, WV); daughter, Cynthia Diane “Boom-Boom” Preston (Tipp City, Ohio); grandchildren, Donald Eugene “Don-Don” Griffin III, Mariah Patricia “My-My”, and Elijah MarDon Clark (Columbus, Ohio), and AjaNae Mariah “Nae-Nae” Page (Tipp City, Ohio); siblings, Shirley Lamentha (Glenn) Hightower, Marvin (Shirley) Glenn of Atlanta, Georgia, Mark Glenn (Beckley, WV); nephew, Randy Glenn of Los Angelos, CA; step-mother, Virgie (Kittles) Glenn; sister-in-law, Virgillious (Moon) Glenn; and brother-in-law, Leroy (Skeet) Preston, all of Beckley, WV. James is also survived by a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and many, many, loyal friends, associates and special cousin who would often call him and brighten his day, Toni Evans of Columbus, Ohio.

Private Visitation 10:00 AM and Private Funeral Service 11:00 AM Saturday, February 13, 2021 at MARLAN J. GARY FUNERAL HOME, THE CHAPEL OF PEACE NORTH 2500 Cleveland Ave.

Interment at Dayton National Cemetery.

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Condolence Messages

  1. Tredawn Patterson

    My sincerest condolences to the entire family.

  2. We can’t begin to imagine what you are feeling, but please let us share our heartfelt condolences. God comforts us through his Word the Bible and the gift of prayer. Thinking of you all.

  3. Cynthia D. Preston Daughter

    My Daddy,

    As I lay here and reflect on my daddy’s life, I get so emotional. This man that I call my Daddy. For as long as I can remember, my daddy James loved me Unconditionally, flaws and all. I remember as a child my brothers and sister would run and hide when he would come home from work. When he pulled up in the driveway, we would race to hide so he could come and find us. He would know exactly where we was but he would make us believe that we were the best hide and seekers in the world. We would hear doors opening and closing. He would look under beds, closets and cabinets  when he knew exactly where we was. You could hear him say, are they in here, “are they under here”, when he knew right where NaNa, Jim-Jim, Chuckie and Boom-Boom was. He knew bc we hid in the same place every night. Lol He would throw us is the air, throw us on the bed and tickle us until we were completely out of breath or we almost peed ourselves. After that, it was time for bed.  My brothers and sister, went to bed with happy hearts every night. He would tuck us in the bed and he would tell us how much he loved us and he would never leave us. We went to bed with a Safe & Secure heart. We knew that daddy loved us and we went to bed every night with a safe and secure heart. We knew our daddy loved us. He was a hands on dad. I remember the big wheels, the bikes and we even had a swing set. We lived in a middle class neighborhood. Where there was two parent homes. It was a nice all brick house. It was on a cul de Sac street. The name of the street was called Scotty Circle in Atlanta Georgia. We were perfect. My dad was stationed in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked and he was in the military. We were living the American dream. Big Christmas, Easter my dad would hide eggs in the house, and in our yard. We were so happy. At the blink of an eye, everything changed. I remember my dad coming in my room, my sister NaNa and I shared a room. I remember the police lights. It scared me. I was only 4 years old. I remember my daddy coming in the room and looking me and my sister in the eyes and telling us no matter what happened, no matter where we were, he loved us and nobody could take our love away. When he said it, he pointed at our hearts. After that night, everything changed. Things were never the same. I remember the police saying come on James, she wants you to leave. The life I knew, was no more. My mom moved us out the house. We moved to an apartment. 3 bedrooms. We didn’t see Daddy too much after that. Next it was the divorce. I was hurt. I wanted my Daddy. I remember my mom calling us all in the room and saying, Who want to go and live with James?  My brother Jim-Jim raised his hand immediately. He didn’t care. I wanted to be quicker than him raising my hand but I also loved my mom very much. I didn’t want to leave my mom tho. I loved her. I wanted them both. That was a difficult decision to make at the age of 4 years old. So NaNa and Chuckie said Mommie we want to stay with you. I wanted to say, I want to go with my Daddy. Jim-Jim was so excited. He happily packed his clothes. He told us, he would write us.  Jim-Jim was endured the most pain from both of our parents. My mom treated him bad bc he looked just like my father and my dad became an alcoholic bc of being hurt  by my mother. That’s why he’s not here with us today. He went from being properly loved to no love at all. He has told me stories of how dad treated him. I didn’t believe it and until this day, I still don’t believe it but I know it’s true. From that day on, my dad became a memory. There was very little contact to none.  I do remember my mom taking us to the hills of West Virginia to visit him, throughout our lives. We would go visit. He would take us to the store and let us get all the candy we wanted. On Friday nights, my dad would take us to McDonalds and Baskin Robbins. We were so happy. One time my mom took us to West Virginia so dad could meet his grandchildren. It was only Don Don and Mariah at this time. He was so happy. My dad looked beat up. He looked like he was down on his luck. I think he may have only had 3 teeth in his mouth but he never stopped smiling.  I remember going to visit again. He was livin in a trailer with no heat or electric. The trailer was trashed. It was cold.  So I took him shopping and I loaded him up with long Johns, a heavy coat, hats, gloves. I bought him a bunch of clothes so he could be warm. On the way back home, NaNa and I told Mommie, mom you got to get over dad. You got to go get over dad and get him out of that living arrangement.  My mom agreed to do so. I didn’t see it then but I seen it now. But she did the very best for my dad. She’s the reason he was taken care of at the end of his life. She’s the reason, he has life insurance.  My mom got him out of those West Virginia hills that was not good to him at all. She remarried him. I was happy again bc my parents were back together although it still wasn’t the same. My mom was healthier than my dad and I never thought my mom would prededece him in death. I took over after my mom passed. There was nothing to do bc my mom made sure he was good


  5. Cynthia and Family,

    My sincere Condolences and Prayers are with you,May God lift you up on every leaning side,give you comfort in knowing he is home resting in his Fathers hands ❤️

  6. Thomasine Evans and Family

    My condolences and prayers to the Glenn family

    I will miss my cousin he was a quiet person as long as I knew him. We went to the same schools from first grade through 12th grade. I always thought he was a good printer of his home work etc. We went to the same church in Beckley. Rest in peace my cousin

  7. My deepest sympathies for the family of James Glen. I meet Mr. Glen in 2011 when i started working at Amara. We became close. You can ask anybody and they would tell you he was my favorite. He was a very direct person. Didnt bothet a soul. Always smiling and loved activities. He always wanted to stay busy. Im gonna really miss him and no one can take his place. Rest on Mr. James Charlie Glen

  8. E. Louise Mosley GLADYS oldest sister

    Sincere prayers from. The Mosley. Jones, Grief Preston families. We wish we could be with you at my Sister’s husband’s funeral. We pray your strength as you remember your parent’s. My sister is at rest now with her husband and daugther.
    May God bless you
    Your Aunt.

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