Mark Sanders

Mark Douglas Sanders was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 17, 1955. He was the firstborn and the only son of Elmore (George) and Mary Elizabeth Kerr Sanders. When Mark was just two years old, the family, inclusive of his baby sister, Teresa, relocated to the rural township of Twinsburg, Ohio, about 20 miles south of Cleveland.
Tragically, less than one year after the move, Mark

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Condolence Messages

  1. Kathleen (Dr. Kathleen M. Sharp)

    Mark was my dearesr friend during our employment at Worthington Kilbourne High School where we met. When we were hired we were of only three African American teachers.
    Mark was talented and bright. He created the Worthington Kilbourne school store from the ground up. I can remember other marketing teachers from aroung the central Ohio area visiting WKHS school store. His students were motivated to remain in school because of him. He often had the students that other teachers had given up on,but not "es;Mr. Sanders"es; as the students called him.

    Mark loved his teaching position as the marketing/DECA teacher in the predominately white district of Worthington. He was a true colleague. A smile was always on his face and his willingness to assist all was never in question. Even though he had to contend with the a staff who had no idea about diversity. Often he was met with opposition from the teachers and administrators who did not "es;get"es; what it meant to be a person of color. This never stopped Mark. His students won many competitions and became the voices for change at Worthington Kilbourne High School and how they treated black students and the Caucasian who were considered throw-aways.
    Mr. Sanders had such a "es;gift"es; with the students. He will be missed as we all think deeply about the support we gave to him OR did not give to him. His life was God's gift to us all. I am deeply sadden that his life ended so young. I will miss my friend who was very kind, giving, hopeful, and peaceful. He was indeed a spirit that was touched by God. I believe this and my memories of him attest to this! I will miss you so much.
    To your family, I say, he was one of God's "es;saints"es;. His smile speaks to his heart.

  2. Jennifer Baker-Caruso

    Mr. Sanders (my Marketing Education/DECA teacher and friend, at WKHS) led me down a path of hope for success at a point in my life I had NO direction. He created and molded me, along with several others student, into successful adult, that we are today. His guidance, love and support, smiles, and encouraging words were there for me every morning, day and night to help me through my troubled teen years. He made me believe in myself. Encouraged to strive for success and showed me what success really felt like. He took us places we never thought we had in us. I miss talking to him about everything without criticism and he always led me in the right direction. He was an intelligent, compassionate friend and teacher who wanted to see everyone around him achieve their goals and showed them how to do so. I have many fond memories of Mark and credit him for the success in my life today. Mr. Sanders, you will be truly missed and THANK YOU for being apart of my journey in life.

  3. I knew Mark from my time at Oakley in th 90s.
    My condonlences and prayers are with you.

  4. I was so shocked and saddened to hear about Mark's passing.
    I had the pleasure of knowing Mark as one of my colleagues in the Worhtington School District. I worked at the middle school, but would often take students to the high school to '"es;check out"es; high school courses they could sign up for. Mark always greeted me with a smile and a hug. I so enjoyed my visits to the school store, and my conversations with Mark. He was truly a "es;child of God"es; and never had a disparaging word about anyone. So often I had middle school students who struggled, and I was worried about them being successful at the high school. Some of those students would come back to visit me and say that they were a part of the DECA program and were doing really well in high school. I know a large part of their success was due to Mark and his care and concern for all students.
    I also had Mark's nephew and nieces in middle school, and he would talk to me at times to make sure they were doing what they needed to do.
    To Mark's family– you have my condolences. I know he will be truly missed by all of you. God Bless,
    Kathy Starks
    Perry Middle School
    Guidance Counselor

  5. Mark I will miss you, I remember when I ran into you at the Doctor's office here in Cleveland last year, you had that big smile hey cuz. We shared good time when you live down the street from me in Cleveland. And the vist and sleep over we had as kids in Twinsburg. Rest in peace. Luv you

  6. Oh, Mark, what a good teacher friend you were to me in your classroom next door to my clinic all those years at WKHS. You had the most upbeat and kind personality to everyone you met, including staff, students, family, and friends. You so easily mixed with everyone with that beautiful smile and sense of humor of yours. I'm so sorry you became ill, but I'll never ever forget your positive impact into my life, my friend.

  7. To the Sanders Family…

    Mr. Sanders memory will always live in my heart. As a student, I was lucky to have him as a teacher, but more than that he lit a fire in my soul that I carry to this day. My successful career in marketing is owed in no small part to Mr. Sanders. My classmates and I were very lucky to have the pleasure of being in his class and in his heart.

    Paul Kirkwood

  8. I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of Mark's untimely passing and join all those who loved, admired and respected him in mourning. As a "es;fellow-traveler"es; in the world of Marketing Education and DECA, I know first hand how his presence positively touched all those with whom he interacted. Mark was a joy to know and to work with, and I feel privileged to have done so. It is an understatement to say that the world is a lesser place for his passing.
    Ed Arent
    Thomas Worthington High School Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor (Ret.)

  9. Bonita Sanders Bembry

    I will always be grateful to Mark because together we created two remarkable daughters. Jennifer and Allyson continue to bring joy and happiness to my life. This week, as I walked across the campus of Bowling Green State University, I remembered the happier times we shared…and smiled.

    May God's blessings and the memories of Mark support all who knew and loved him.
    Rest in eternal peace Mark.

    Bonita Sanders Bembry
    Bowling Green, Ohio
    Jennifer and Allyson Sanders

  10. Goodbye my friend and brother in Christ, We have traveled so many miles in life had a lot of fun. Only God know the path that one takes. I know I will see you again. Peace be with you and look down on us. You will never be forgotten or alone. Marion V. Perkins

  11. LaJoyce Daniel-Cain

    Thank you for the life you lived, Mark. We never know what trials and challenges we must face. Thank you for your cheerful demeanor and willing spirit. I pray for the family as you sojourn through this difficult time and witness that God is truly able to see you through times of strife. May God bless you and keep you.

    Deacon William Cain, Jr. & LaJoyce Daniel-Cain

  12. The Russell Boyce Family

    We are saddened by Mark's death. He was always such a wonderful person. His smile and warmth were infectious. He will be missed.

    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    God bless and comfort you.

  13. Opal & Sandra Walker

    To The Family of Mark Sanders .We will miss Mark and our prayers are with you during this time. He was a great teacher and a great friend. May God continue to keep His arms around you. Love and Blessings
    Opal & Sandra Walker.

  14. Dear Family,
    I am so sad to hear about Mark. I taught with him at WKHS for many years and remember him as a fun, smiling, energetic, kid-loving teacher who truly made a difference in children's lives.
    My sincere sympathy.
    Marjori Krebs
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

  15. I taught with Mark for a number of years at Worthington. He always had a smile on his face and a warm heart. Every year he gave a wonderful gift to the students of WKHS, a prom fashion show. It took countless hours and many headaches, yet it always was fabulous and one of the events of the year. Mark touch many, many lives.

  16. I was so saddened to hear of Mark's passing. I know him from our shared teaching at Kilbourne high school where I think of him as the most gentle man, always with a ready, beautiful smile and kindly expressed, sincere words. I missed him and his program when he left. Sadly, I have not seen him since but have thought of him often, always with the warmth of feelings. I'm sorry he's no longer with us on earth which was a better place for his presence. Please know that I share in your sorrow.

  17. Mark was a kind, gracious and outgoing person whio never failed to smile and greet everyone he passed in the halls or entered the store.
    Too soon did we lose a friend!

  18. Dianthia (Stith) Gilmore

    To the Sanders Family:
    I send my condolences. It was a pleasure knowing your son and daughter (Teresa) at Bowling Green. They carried the joy and light of Jesus with them to college. They were always cordial and kind to all. That meant a lot to me.
    It's a blessing when we go home to be with the Father, that people have kinds things to say about us.
    May God bless your family, richly, with His love and consoling Spirit during this time. And to the Anderson Family (BGSU) …may God continue to bless your friendship and unity. May God's Word remind you at this time, that Mark … "es;absent from the body, is present with Him. (II Corinthians 5:8)
    Keep the faith. Concentrate on the memories of happier times with Mark (Box).
    In Him, Dianthia
    (Effectionately known by him as Motor-Mouth)

  19. Candace (Your Crazy Daughter!)

    Hey Dad
    The last 18 years of my life you have been that father figure to me that I never had before. You took me in and loved me like I was your own child. Even though we didnt always see eye to eye about alot of things and we bud heads sometimes… I know you still cared. The last few days We spent together before your passing were Great. I hate seeing you go, but I know your in Heaven watching over us. I Love you dad. Your Grandsons Said Hi and they Love you Paw Paw.

  20. Leslie Parker Barnes

    In loving memory of all the wonderful times we had in the BGSU Gospel Choir and the laughter brought to us via the Anderson Gang — may God bless you Mrs. Sanders and Teresa, please know you are in my prayers.
    Blessings & Peace,

  21. Mark's Spirit will live forever in our hearts because he uniquely represented "es;one of a kind"es; and he positively touched everyone that he met. I am blessed and better because our Paths crossed at BGSU.
    My sincere condolences to the Family and rest assured that his Spirit is infinite and at peace.

  22. Rev. Joe Atlas & Mrs. Karen Jackson Atlas

    Teresa & Family,

    We are sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. May God be with you and your family.

    The Atlas Family

  23. David "Spider" Webb

    My heartfelt sympathies and prayers to you and your family on the loss of your brother. During the brief time that I knew your brother at BGSU, he always had an upbeat personality and a smile on his face. Take Care

  24. To the Saunders Family:

    My prayers are with you and God Bless you. Mark was always fun and great to be around. When I think about Mark and the Anderson Gang I smile.

  25. I am still stunned from the news that Mark is no longer with us. In 1977, I arrived to the BGSU campus and never left. I am now an Assistant Dean in the BGSU Graduate College. Marks' warm personality and sense of humor positively impacted me over the years. I helped to advise him regarding his desire to re-enroll as a gradute student at BGSU. So glad that Mark grew up in a God-fearng home. So grateful to God that his mother and sister really demonstrated their love for him throughout his lifetime. His passing has sobered me and several others regarding the delicateness of life and the need to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Eternity is a real deal…far too long to exist without Him. My prayers are with the loved ones of Mark Sanders.

    Lisa C. Chavers
    Graduate College

  26. Donna Henderson Whitfield

    To the family of Mark,
    I was sorry to hear about his passing, I have fond memories of his jovial personality from BGSU and the gospel choir. Please send Teresa, their mother, and his loved ones my deepest sympathy. Love, Donna

  27. Mrsl. Sanders and Teresa

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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