Robert Graddic of Cleveland Heights, Ohio

From the very moment that we met with the director Mr. Gary, he put us at ease throughout the entire process. We have had the unfortunate pleasure of him burying two of our family members, not to mention friends. The first was my daughter and after much sibling controversy he was the first one to put me at ease even after that, he still was there. His staff and all the directives which were carried out were carried out with care, patience, and a complete understanding as it related to all services including, picking up the body, the preparation of the body, right down to burial and cemetery services. We also used your services for my young brother. Although the circumstances of his death were not the best again your funeral services out-did themselves. During both of the funerals we never felt threatened or pressured, under the circumstances the staff made us feel very comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend Chapel of Peace, Marlan Gary Funeral Home. His prices are very competitive, services outstanding, facility clean and staff extremely accommodating. Thank you Mr. Gary and your staff for providing my family impeccable services for a time such as these. May God continue to bless you and your business.
Robert R. and Linette K. Graddic (Randi D. S. Graddic), James and Teer Graddic, Robbie Holmes, Margaret Whitener (Rodney S. Whitener).

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