Sandra Lanier-Walker of Columbus, Franklin

Words are insufficient in this review but I will try. The most horrific incident (loss of our 25 year old son) was made excellent handled with my interactions with The Chapel of Peace. From my first phone call and visit we were given condolences and detailed instructions. I felt care from the initial call. Funeral Director Fralisia J. gently directed us through arrangements. Her guidance was invaluable. On the day of our service I walked in a fog trying to figure out what to do with a photo. A gentleman approached me and ask how he could help me. I need to post a photo of my son. He took the photo, found a stand and made sure it was placed exactly where I wanted it. I am sure I am leaving out so much but this I can attest to: this funeral home considers your entire experience from shocking grief to planning a celebration of life. They kindly supported us in every step of the process. Every phone call, every visit, family time and the final service was an incredible experience. I am so grateful I was lead to this home. I am forever in debt to their kindness and professionalism.

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