Start a New Year in Faith

Happy New Year!  As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. describes in his ” I Have A Dream” speech, Faith is needed in taking your first step. Though we cannot see the whole staircase or see what lays before us in this new year, just go forward in faith trusting that God will give you the direction, strength, and provisions needed to have a successful year! Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.  It’s an action word, meaning you have to do something.

What resolutions do you have for the 2018 New Year? To start a new business, to find true love, to be debt free, to become healthier, to travel more, to adhere to an exercise regimen, to set prearrangement needs for yourself & loved ones? All of these are great resolutions, and can all be achieved! Just take the first step, stay focused, and stay committed!

Build your foundation this year on faith, take the first step, and keep moving forward.  At the Chapel of Peace, we believe that life is too short to leave with unfinished business.  Don’t deprive the world of the blessings your gifts will bring, just because you were to unsure of yourself to take that first step.  Trust that you will set a goal and complete it, we believe in you.

Write down your top three 2018 resolutions and share in the comments below.  We pray that your year is prosperous and overflowing in favor.
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Contributing Writer: Erin Hopkins

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