Timothy James Cammon Sr.


Timothy J. Cammon Sr., 44. Sunrise December 31, 1963- Sunset September 29, 2008. Self employed roofer, carpenter and mechanic. Member of New Generation Church. Preceded in death by his father Louis Felton Cammon and brothers Louis Cammon Jr., Kevin Cammon and Peter Cammon. Survived by his mother Elizabeth Cammon; son Timothy Cammon Jr.; daughters Tiera Cammon and Tiffany Cammon; special, beloved and caring friend Tessia Lunsford; brothers Paul

Condolence Messages

  1. Dear Tedo,
    I never knew what i had until you were gone.you gave me something that no other man could ever give to me and that was a father,you knew you were not my biological father but deep down in your heart i was yours.you were always there when i needed something and you never questioned me about why i never asked my real dad you just did it.As my feelings and my love for you got stronger and stronger you body seemed to get weaker and weaker,i never knew you would leave like you did but the day was soon to come.As i set there and seen you take you last breath i didn't know what to do so as i grabed you in my arms and telling you to please get up,i knew you wern't gonna get up i just want you to hear my cry,i wanted you to know that i will never stop loving you nomatter how far apart we are,i wanted you to know that i am thankful for having you in my life and for taking care of me,i wanted you to know how much i really love you,i wanted you to know that you will always be my step-dad and i will never let another man have your name(step-dad)or take you place,i wanted you to know that you will always have a place in my heart.I wanted you to know all this but when the lord came and got your soul but left behind your body i knew it was to late and i thought if you had heared my cry then you would have told the lord to wait for a minute then i could have told you,but as i think about it if you would have told the lord to wait for a minute then you would still be here with me but at the same time you would be in alot of pain.So it was either be here with me and be in pain or go home with the lord and REST I PEACE.
    I love you tedo (DAD)for everthing you've done for me.
    I'm not worried about nothing because i know well see eachother again in the golden gates of heaven so save me a spot next to you.
    until that time comes i love you always and forever.

    P.S:Im going back to school because thats all you asked for me to do was to stay in school and graduate.
    I will have your wish granted.

    yes your gone but no your never forgotten.

  2. you may be gone but never forgetton.

  3. you may be gone but never forgotten i will always have a place for you in my heart.
    I'LL see you later…
    (gimme some suga)

  4. Tedo
    Today is your birthday and all i can do is think of the good times we shared. Im glade your in a better place but at the same time im hirting that your not with me, sometimes I say selfish things like I wish you were still here and not think about the pain you went through when you were here. I wish god could have cured your cancer and stoped all the pain then you would still be here you fought as long as you could but the more you fought the more the cancer fought too. Its sad that you cant be here with us but I know your watching down on us and your here in spirit but i wish i could talk to you. Man Man is getting so big I wish you could see him he's bout to be 2 in may but he acts like he's 5 lol man i wish he could remember you but he was so young and didn't know what was going on but I know you still love him and your watching him grow up. Tedo where did the time go we was suppose to share more memories but the one we do have i am truley greatful for I couldn't ask for nothing better.

    I love you with everything in me
    your step'daughter

  5. pam caldwell cammon

    i still miss you bro i love you and still think of you hold me a spot

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