William Lockett, II


William Lockett II, age 40. Sunrise May 19, 1981 and Sunset December 29, 2021.

Please pray for the family as they prepare the obituary.

Visitation 1:00pm and Funeral 2:00pm Friday, January 7, 2022 at MARLAN J. GARY FUNERAL HOME, THE CHAPEL OF PEACE NORTH, 2500 Cleveland Ave.

Condolence Messages

  1. I miss you so much billy and our daughters miss you so much too…they just keep talking about our camping trip that we just did in may of 2021 I never wanted it to be the last trip or last birthday celebration or family day that we spent together…you were the man who made me a mother you gave me the most precious gifts I could ever ask for when you created the twins with me…I will always remember how happy and excited you was for them and for me to be a mother…you always told me I was the best baby mom you had and you was so proud of our girls and loved them so much…it’s hard to believe I’m not gonna get a call from you wanting to see us anymore…this is really killing me inside…I have a love for you that’s beyond measure…the day you passed I knew something was wrong I could feel it…you just stayed heavy heavy on my mind and it’s because you was saying goodbye to us from a distance …god I wish we could of seen you just one last time and spent a family day together…my heart breaks for my girls and for all your other children who now have to grow up without you or without getting to make more memories with you…I wish the girls had more time with you…this really hurt me losing you…I’m not ready to say goodbye…I love you billy more then anything in this world…I know you will watch over and protect us from above …it’s a little comforting knowing your finally at peace and no longer suffering and your once again rejoined with your mom in heaven…the twins and I will forever miss you and love you and I will always keep your memory alive in our daughters so they will always know just how much you loved and adored them…I can’t believe I will never see you again baby like seriously….all I got now or can get is pics and videos and messages over the last 8 years…it’s not enough I still need you our daughters need you…

    • Billys daughter Stephanie

      I would love to see the twins and you. Its been so long! Text or call me please! Im praying for you and the girls (614)818-8670

  2. To the Entire Family and Friends of one so loved, may our God wrap wrap loving arms around each and everyone and mend the broken hearted at this time and in the followings days to comfort, cherish and honor memories close to your heart.

  3. Billy You Sometimes Pissed Me Off and Made Me Mad,But At The End Of the Day It Didn’t last.We’ve had Deep Conversations and Even ate, Prayed Together.I Seen A Young Man With A Heart of Gold Who Always Helped When Needed.You Wanted To do Better,For Yourself and I Always Encouraged You.Billy D,my Friend you will be Missed.Rest Now,You FINALLY CAN REST,Love You Gloria ❤️

  4. Stephanie lockett

    Daddy,thats what I always called you.you and my mom were never perfect ,but you were my parents! The only. Two i will ever get ☹️ And now your both gone 14 months apart. My heart will never be the same ever. I wish i had more time with you both but unfortunately god needed you home with him sometimes i wish i could just go with you two…. I dont know how im ever going to heal i was just starting to get over the grief of my mother but thank you to everyone that cane! And thank you to those who organized the funeral! He looked handsome and it was all amazing! Sent him to heaven like a gangster its what he would have wanted

    • Awwwww Steph….I’m so sorry… I wish that for you too baby…I wish you had more time with both your parents…I didn’t get to meet your mom but her and your dad together made you and your absolutely amazing and beautiful and smart so I know your mom was all of those things and so much more…you was your dads pride and joy …he loved you more then anything and anyone in this world…yes he had a few kids lol well quite a few kids lol and he loved each and everyone of them..don’t get me wrong… but you baby you was his whole world ❤️his life ❤️His pride and joy❤️His everything and He loved you so so much and he talked about you none stop all the time… he told me so much about you before I got to meet you and after I met you I could instantly see why he talked about you the way he did and just how important to him that you was…And no matter what you did or could of ever done in life he was always gonna be proud of you and he was so proud to be your dad and he loved you and loved spending time with you whenever he could…he bragged about you all the time… and you know how he was…he was so tough and hard headed but for a couple special ppl in his life he was just a big softy and so sweet and loving and would do anything in the world for a few select people and you was number one on that list of select ppl that got that side of him….and he was always so protective of you …he even told me in our begining that he had you a lot and he didn’t wanna introduce you to just anyone or have you see a bunch of random females in and out his life… he also made it clear that if you didn’t like me or approve of our relationship after meeting me that he wouldn’t mess wit me like that or mess with me at all…. I always loved and respected him for that it’s one of the things that attracted me extra to him and seeing how much he loves you and the type of dad he was to you … The first day I met you that was an accident we had been talking and planning for you and I to meet but never made it actually official yet or set anything up yet but that day you walked in his room at Sheila’s caught him and I both by surprise and I was so nervous…. Nervous because I didn’t have any kids nervous because I didn’t know if you would like me and nervous because if you didn’t I knew he would no longer mess with me at all and I already was so deeply in love with your dad at that point I was just nervous cuz I knew what importance you had in his life….but im glad you liked me and approved of me enough to share your dad with me…your dad changed my life in so many ways… he has always had my heart and always will… i’m glad you reached out and replied to my message on here I’m not going to leave a giant giant book on here lol I will just talk to you since you gave your number to me but I just want to tell you that you have a long life to live and both your parents would want you to live the longest best most happy life that you can…your dad would want you to be happy and living so try to take The positive and the positive things he taught you and told you and live your best life and experience life the way he never did or never got to because he would want that for you and for all of his kids…he wouldn’t want you to be sad or down…I am always here if you ever want or need a person I know that I am not a mom or dad or any of that to you but I would love to be a great friend a person you could call on and count on in a time of need or just cuz….I know that’s what he would want out of me and it’s what I want with you and always have wanted fr and for the twins to have a relationship with their amazing older sister…Well I think that’s long enough plus I’ve already text you and said a whole bunch so we love you so much baby and look forward to seeing you

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