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Derrick Hamilton Broome, son of James and Ethel Broome, was born on January 6, 1965 in Brooklyn, New York. Having attended elementary school in New York and high school at Deerfield Academy (MA), Derrick was a proud graduate of Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio. Derrick had a long career in the field of logistics, and a very successful stint at Pacer International prior to becoming a Board Member at the Intermodal Association of North America from 2016 – 2021. He then became the Vice-President of the Intermodal Division at C.A.T. Global where it is said that he inspired those around him and left a lasting impression on their corporate culture.

Derrick made and maintained lifelong friendships which filled his life with a brotherhood that was vitally important to him and lasted from as early as middle school. Anyone who saw Derrick knew that they would also likely see: Rick, Ron, Eric, Angelo, Vincent, Glen, Andy, Mohan, Phil, Mark or Ramesh. He frequently would travel with Ramesh to see his family. He also developed great relationships with friends met during his work experience including John Patterson.

Derrick, married the love of his life, Leanna Fullard, on November 7, 2022 in Negril, Jamaica, who coincidentally, he had known since his childhood as his mother was her teacher for 5th and 6th grade! Though their time together was short, it was filled with love, laughter, travel and precious memories.

Derrick leaves to cherish their memories his loving wife, Leanna (Fullard) Broome; step-daughter, Adria (David) Bernardez; grandchildren, Malachi Boyd, Aden Bernardez, and Amari Bernardez; mother, Ethel L. Broome; aunts, Josephine Scott, Diana Scott and Patricia Brown; sisters-in-law, Jacqueline Johnson and Theresa Myrick; and a host of relatives, co-workers and friends.

Visitation 9:00 AM and Funeral Service 10:00 AM Saturday, March 16, 2024 at First Church of God, 3480 Refugee Road.

Interment at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens.

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Condolence Messages

  1. Norma Jean Norwood

    So sorry for your loss. Love you and praying for the family.

  2. Almost 30 years ago Derrick and I became friends and we shared many memories. I will miss him more than I can say. Please accept my condolences for your loss.

  3. Linda Gillespie

    Praying for the family, and so sorry for you loss. Derrick was one the kindest men, I have known, he trained me when, first hired by Pacer. Biggest smile and a lot of patience.

  4. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for the family. I can’t put into words how much I will miss Derrick. One of the greatest people I’ve ever met. We have had some of the greatest moments of my life together.

  5. Derrick will live on in the hearts of many! His smile and attitude were contagious to anyone he came in contact with. Keith and I are praying for his family and friends.

  6. Linda Fitzsimmons

    If you asked me what would top the list of things in life I would never have to do, writing a memorial condolence for Derrick would sit at number one. I am sure there are many who would say the same.

    It feels as though the solar eclipse has come early this year for many of us with the passing of our dear friend, Derrick Broome; and the total eclipse in April will pale in comparison to the darkness overshadowing our present days.

    Ram Dass coined the phrase, “we are all just walking each other home.” While I understand we have much more to do in life, I love the sentiment; and what a walk it was with Derrick Broome. His was the invitation we relished, the chance meeting we looked forward to, the friendship, cherished and everlasting. Derrick was first and foremost a man of integrity; he didn’t deal in shades of right and wrong. His intelligence, wit, humor and infectious charm disarmed even the most cantankerous bully or introvert. Derrick didn’t entertain gossip; instead, offering a fresh perspective and always the benefit of the doubt in any situation. He was a collaborator in life with you; with joys, hardships and all that life had to offer or take away.

    Our Lord wept when He heard of the death of His friend Lazarus, even though He knew He would raise Him from the dead. I believe for an instant Jesus experienced the heart-stinging, soul-piercing pain of loss and separation that would ravage His human brothers and sisters during their journey on this earth. And so we weep, even though we know that Christ will raise our precious brother to glorious, eternal life. Tears of pain, tears of comfort, and finally tears of joy,

    Thank you, Derrick Hamilton Broome, for walking us part way home. We know you will keep the light on for us, the wine decanted and the boat anchored.

    Dear Leanna, Ethel, Josephine, Monica and family; our prayers will remain with you as God provides the peace and comfort only He can during this time of loss and heartache.

  7. Gaylin Peebles

    My condolences goes out to Derrick’s family. You’ll be missed.

  8. Charity Peavley

    I will miss his big laugh and big hugs. Sending peace and love to all his family.

  9. Sorry for your loss. My condolences for your family.

  10. Goodbyes are not forever,
    Goodbyes aren’t the end, they simply
    Mean I will miss you, until we meet again

    Sending love and my deepest condolences to
    My Gudmudder Leanna and the Broome family

  11. My deepest condolences to you Leanna
    I’m so very sorry for loss of your husband.
    May God give you strengths.

  12. My condolences to Leanna and her family. May he continue to rest in peace

  13. My deepest condolences to the family of the late Derrick Broome.
    His passing came as a shock.
    Derrick has been a close friend and we spent a lot of time together when we were university. I will always cherish my memories of Derrick.

  14. So many fond memories of such a wonderful person. He will be greatly missed by many friends.

    Heartfelt condolences to the family.

    • Devan Navaratnam

      We were so sorry to hear the loss of our ‘Uncle Deke.’
      As Ramesh ‘s son, Uncle Deke was a early, constant, positive and uplifting presence in our lives. You could always count on Uncle Deke for holidays, game days, special events and more- and he was proud of us like we were his own kids. He never failed in making anyone he met laugh and smile.
      So thank you, Derrick ‘Uncle Deke’ Broome. You blessed us all with your presence.

  15. Sending love and condolences to Leanna and the Broome family. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. May God continue to give you strength.

  16. Chanelle and CJ

    Godmommy so sorry for your loss. Will continue to keep you in prayer.

  17. Brian Kehlmeier

    I knew Derrick for some 30 years, yet he made me felt like he was a childhood friend. Derrick was the type of person that made everyone around him drop their guard and feel at ease. Those people are special and I will miss seeing his smile and hearing his voice. I hope his loved ones find peace.

  18. Christina Myers

    Having known Derrick for nearly 30 years, I believe the thing I will miss most about him would be his disarming genuine laughter. His profoundly endearing affect on all those who had the pleasure of making his acquaintance or being a close friend or colleague will be his true and lasting legacy. Until we meet again, may the joy of our memories comfort us all and bring peace to the souls of family, friends, and colleagues who are so dearly missing you.

  19. Heather Munsell Taylor

    It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to a true legend, Derek Broom.
    Derek touched the lives of so many with his infectious laughter, love, and compassion. He was a beacon of light who never met a stranger. Derek had a unique ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, whether on a plane, at the beach, or even at his beloved cottage at Put-in-Bay. LOL,
    That is a great ‘vacation’ story! Look kids, it is Big Ben!

    Those who knew him best knew that Derek’s love for his Mother, Ethel, knew no bounds. She was everything to him! He would tell story after story with such great enthusiasm, pride and love. My heart ❤️ goes out to you Ma’am. Your son cherished you!

    He enjoyed nothing more than a good cigar, a round of golf, and making everyone laugh. We may never fully comprehend the magnitude of the impact Derek had on those around him, but we know that his legacy and spirit will live on forever in our hearts and memories.

    To his beautiful wife, Leena, I never had the privilege of meeting you, however your love story of long lost love and reuniting is inspirational. You both came back together for a greater purpose, God made it so.

    So tomorrow is your day, Deke! Many of us will cry, and then we will share stories and laugh in your honor.
    I will never say goodbye, so long for now, I love you dear friend.

  20. Sending love and prayers during this difficult time. Love you all

  21. Thomas and Natalie Kornegay

    May the God of love and peace comfort you and family as you grieve for your husband. God mend broken hearts of this family. God strengthen the family as they grieve.

  22. Paula (Piteo-Swisher) Halk

    I am so sorry to hear of Derrick’s passing. He was my director at Pacer Global Logistics for a short time but left a lasting memory. Such a kind and caring gentleman. He will be missed. My heartfelt condolences to his wife, mother and all of his family.

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