Thinking about the death of a loved one or ourselves is a subject that few people like to consider. We have the opportunity to protect our families from the emotional and financial burdens that a death can have on them. By pre-planning, we have the ability to put all of our wishes in writing as well as to pre-pay for them. Similar to the protection that life insurance provides for your family, planning a memorial in advance can provide peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of. Many individuals and families are making the decision to pre-arrange and pre-fund their memorials. Last year alone, more than one million people planned and paid for their services in advance.

In a recent survey, the most common reasons cited for pre-planning were:

  • Reflects your expressed wishes
  • Reduces stress for family and friends at an emotional time
  • Avoids a financial burden on your family
  • Provides peace of mind

Most of us plan for the possible, the potential misfortunes of life that seldom actually happen. Why not prepare for the inevitable?

Take advantage of our free pre-planning services.

One of our pre-planning specialists can provide you with all of the answers to your questions about pre-arrangement. By taking the time now, you can obtain information about the many different types of services and merchandise available as well as the costs involved. You can calmly make choices related to your own services and know that you have removed an emotional burden from your family. The best time to pre-arrange is now, while you are thinking about it. For more information please call us at 614-267-8310