Grief Video

We are pleased to provide for you this grief video series by Doug Manning titled The Journey of Grief. His presentation about the grief journey captured in a personal one-on-one experience. Sit with Doug as he discusses the elements of the grief experience, the important aspects of a healthy approach to grieving and what grief companions can do to be a helpful part of the journey.

The Journey of Grief Video Series by Doug Manning

The Journey of Grief


The Dimensions of Grief


The Needs of Grief


The Ceremonies of Grief


The Normal Reactions of Grief


The Significance of Grief


About Doug Manning

Since 1978, Doug Manning has dished out his gentle wisdom with compassion and conviction leading him to become a best-selling author, sought-after speaker and a grief expert relied on by the media. His calling as an author and lecturer began after serving as a pastor and counselor for 30 years in churches in Oklahoma and Texas. He had grown increasingly concerned at the lack of knowledge and comfort that he and his fellow ministers had to offer to families when a loved one died and began to study the concept of grieving and the role that the funeral played in assisting a healthy grief journey and recovery.

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