Va’Quez LiGans

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Va’Quez LiGans, age 21. Sunrise September 25, 1997 and Sunset February 6, 2019

His mother Geneva lovely says that Va’Quez was born with a four pack. Instead of disciplining him whenever Va’Quez misbehaved she chose to have him do a hundred push-ups.

Working out was his passion which also speaks to him being strong as a bull. Va’Quez played three sports in high school and did it well, basketball, football and baseball. He was known as the Bo Jackson of sports in the State of Florida and Columbus, Ohio. His was intelligent and a scholar that excelled scholastically to include his inner sports endeavors. The families of LiGan’s, the Daily’s and the Pierce’s all loved him so much. We will see him again on those golden streets.

He leaves to cherish his memories Va’Quez Li’Gans Sr; Beloved (Mother)- Geneava Pierce and (Father) Juan McMutary. Grandparents DeWayne Li’Gans Sr and Jimmy Dailey Grandma and Anita Pierce. Siblings Mikeala Li’Gans, Geonie Li’Gans, Juan and Na’Sha. Children Va’Quez Li’Gans Jr and Stepson Ta’Shawn Hardy. Aunts and Uncles, Ladiamber Li’Gans, Asia Li’Gans, D’Juan Terry Li’Gans, Misti Mackey, Andre Bryant, Jeanette Mackey and Melissa Ponafala and DeWayne Li’Gans. Several great cousins and cousins.

Visitation 11:00 AM and Funeral Service 12:00 PM Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at Miracle Cathedral, 2271 E. 5th Ave

Condolence Messages

  1. Irish J. Richardson

    To the Ligans family. My heart is with you and your family at this time of your loss. There is comfort in knowing God’s promises about the resurrection hope. (Acts 24:15) and (John 5:28,29) In the past God has resurrected humans and He is eager to do it again because He hates death. (Mark 5:41-43) To learn more about God’s promises go to JW.ORG. There are online Bible study lessons featured and more. Love Your Neighbor Irish J. Richardson

  2. My heart is heavy, you will be greatly missed Va’Quez , You had the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, you were like one of my grandchildren. Geneava you stay strong and trust in the lord.
    Praying for the Ligans family…..Ms. Donna Gray

  3. My condolences to LoGan’s family.
    Jesus promised victory over the grave(meaning the grave will open to release the dead) by means of a resurrection.His own resurrection confirms the truthfulness of his promise.

  4. Right now, when your loss is so fresh, it may be difficult for you to imagine that this pain will ever go away. But in time the blessing of God’s unfailing love will soften the hurt you’re feeling and bring your heart the peace, comfort and hope that it needs to heal. How? Revelation 21:4 tells us that soon everything that causes us pain, including death, will be gone forever. We also have the hope of our loved ones being resurrected here on earth, as Acts 24:15 tells us. I do hope you find comfort in this.
    Though I did not know your loved one, he sound like a beautiful person. I am touched by your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.

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