Diane H Jones


Diane H. Jones, 45. Sunrise May 19, 1963

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  1. Danyall, Darrien, and Steven

    I really can't believe that you are no longer here with us. We will miss you very much. We had just talked on the phone not that long ago. You were trying to recall my name, "es;Hey Girl"es; is what you called me. After years of you calling me that name. I have kind of grown custom to hearing it and, to not here it any more breaks my heart. Steven, will miss you and all of the scary movies you allowed him to watch. He always talks about going back and, I wish he had so he could see another scary movie! Now don't you worry about your grandson (Darrien) he will be taken care of and, we will make sure he will NEVER forget you. He enjoyed your company and will miss those hugs and kisses! Each time he would come home after leaving your home I would ask him, did you have fun? He would say, I love my Nana and I had fun. He calls your name and wants to see you however, trying to tell him he can only see you in is dreams. He doesn't understand now however, later on he will. He wants you to know that, he loves and will always love his Nana.
    We all miss you and can't wait to visit you in our dreams!

  2. Sheri Smith (Conner)

    In honor of Diane Jones, Iwe remember when you were just a child, a very nice person we knew indeed. You will be sadly missed by the Smith's, Sheri, Velva, and Janice. We pray that our God, Lord and Savior Jesus, will embrace your loved ones during this time of sorrow and pain.

  3. Kevin & Anna Blackwell

    I just want to express how sorry I am for the loss of your mother and want to let you all know to just keep doing what your doing and be strong like you know she would want you to be.

  4. Joanna L. Singleton

    To my little sister Diane, who I never was afforded or graced with the opportunity to meet or get to know. I wish that we would have had the chance to ever meet and get to know one another. I am grateful that you did meet our sister's Jocelyn Gray and my eldest sister Janet Steele. When you met them you met a piece of me also. I thank God for allowing you all that awesome opportunity. May the Lord keep your husband and family (my nieces and nephews) during this season of great loss. Although we never met, I Love you.

    Your Sister,
    Joanna L. Singleton
    Atlanta, GA

  5. Ricardo J. Singleton

    To the Jones Family. I was truly sadden to recieve the news of the loss of your Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Niece and Friend. I was un-aware to the fact the Diane was my "es;Aunt Diane."es; I wish that I had the awesome opportunity to get to know her better. If she's was anything like my Aunt Jocelyn, then she was a great women. I pray that the Lord grants you all peace and understanding during this season of loss. May God bless and keep you.

    Love your Nephew and Cousin,
    Minister Ricardo J. Singleton
    Atlanta, GA

  6. Tonya and family,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. My deepest sympathies on this day and in the future.

    Shelby Davidson

  7. Pastor Barry and Janice Stewart

    Dear tonya and Family our prayers and wishes are with you and the family as you go through this difficult time. May the grace and peace of our Lord be with you.
    Psalm 23: the Lord is your Shepherd
    you shall not want. He will lead you in the paths of righteousness for His name sake. Ye though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death He will be with you.
    Pastor Barry and Janice Stewart

  8. Dear Jones Family,

    Although not knowing Diane or your family personally, my heart goes out to you during your time of loss. Losing a loved one is truly saddening.

    Please remember that by drawing close to God in prayer the Bible promises that “he himself will sustain you” during this difficult time.—Psalm 55:22.

    It is my hope that you will find comfort from these few words during this difficult period. If you would like additional information on the subject please go to http://www.watchtower.org/e/200712/

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