Jayelin “SK” Wilson

Jayelin “SK” Paul Marquail Wilson, age 23. Sunrise July 4, 1995 and Sunset May 5, 2019.

Visitation 12:00 noon and Funeral Service 1:00pm Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at MARLAN J. GARY FUNERAL HOME, THE CHAPEL OF PEACE NORTH 2500 Cleveland Ave.

Interment at Eastlawn Cemetery

Condolence Messages

  1. Shannelle “Aunt Nell” Brown

    I remember she didn’t have a name for you was just gonna call you “baby” and I looked at you and thought “Jayelin” yeah let’s name him Jayelin….you had so much more life to live and there was so much more to you than what others may have seen. Being the only boy amongst all the girls you adapted the role as the “protector” for all. Always know I love you Man-Man and please continue protecting all of us till we meet again

  2. Words can’t express how deeply you are hurting and sorrow that death brings when you loss a child.God knows your pain. 2,000 yrs ago His son ,Jesus was put to death.1 Peter 5:7 Rejoice there is the resurrection hope.All of those in the common grave of mankind will be resurrect back to life.God is eager to bring the dead.Job 14:13-15.My condolences to all.

  3. Words can’t express jayelin we will miss you

  4. Dear Wilson family. I am so sorry to have read of the death of Jayelin. Please accept my sincere condolences. I would like to share something that I have personally found to be comforting. It is found in the Bible at John 5:28, 29 and Revelation 21:4. May God give you and your family comfort in His promise that soon we will never experience losing our loved ones in death and we will be able to see them again once they are resurrected. With deepest sympathy and warmth of heart.

  5. To the entire family of Jaylen I send my deepest sympathy and condolences. I pray that God heals your heart and comfort you all. Remember Jaylen my be gone in the flesh but his spirit will live on through each of you….. God Bless!

  6. Love you Jayelin , Ima Miss Seeing you everyday Just full of laughter Then you get mad and say Bye Go home leelee

  7. Dajaia (dayday)

    I will never forget you being 12 years old and knocking on my door when you stayed on north broadway. We would argue because you would do what normal little boys do (be bad and cuss) and my mom would get mad and tell you not to come back to her house. But then you would be back later on and apologize, “I’m sorry ms. Judy.” And we would be cool again. Ima miss you jayelin. Your smile, your voice, the jokes… you were really my Day 1 and I’m salty. But it’s always love and I’m hurt that i wasn’t there more like i should have been as a friend. You know i always had the words of wisdom for you. But i love you man. SK way 4 life.

  8. Love you more than words can say nephew Didn’t expect nor am I ready for any of this. I will miss you tremendously and say hi to Chen while you’re up there He appreciates you looking over me down here Love you nephew Aunt T

  9. Jayelin i know you were a kind person at heart and i would like to say rest easy and that the family will miss you! Words will never express so you live within us.

  10. To the entire Wilson Family my condolences are sent an prayers said in a hard time as now an to baby ROLYALTY you are forever loved an took care of !!!Dam I can barley type Brother . I just wanna let you know I’ma miss my dawg you taught me what I needed to know so I’ma just be humble and appreciate it smh what a bond to break I love you cuddy

  11. Jayelin aka sk u aready kno how i felt about u lol period but imma miss u in one thing i can say u was one real person that always up on ur feet it didnt matter how its gonna done but u will do it u got alot of people on ur side like u was for them FOREVER JAYELIN

  12. You don’t know how much your family means to me jayelin I’m so sorry this happened to you you were a fabulous person and always knew what to do and say when someone is having a terrible day love you always SK

  13. All I can say is I love jayelin you were a young king and had so much potential! I miss everything about you, especially ya smile! You protected so many of us now ur our angel! I guess heaven couldn’t wait for you! I love u! All day SK

  14. “God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes.
    And death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.
    The former things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:3,4)

    • Ill never forget the love and kindness you always showed to my faimly. May you rest in peace jay, we’ll never forget you.


  16. Heaven couldn’t wait for you , Sk day in and day out you knew how to make a crowd live WE are going to
    miss that! I am praying for your family as they lay you to rest TUESDAY love your MEME aka juicy!

  17. JAYELIN you were my big cousin my entire world I feel like I would writing for days no I’m not ready to say goodbye but I know you will be at peace I’m selfish to say I wish I would have said I loved you more THURSDAY AFTERNOON what am I going to do!!!!!! Hold me tight and save a spot up there next to you because i am going to miss you

  18. Jayelin I will always keep you inside my heart and all the memories we had. You know u were my ride or die. I would do anything to turn back the hands of time and see you one last time. May God protect you always. I love you always and forever brother.

  19. Jayelin Jayelin Jayelin, where do I even begin? I’m missing you so badly. I’m just blessed to have had the chance to know you. I knew your heart and I know you were such a good person with a great heart. There were times when I was down and you made me feel better. You always had the perfect words to say. I’m currently crying while typing this. Your funeral is tomorrow and I’m not ready to say goodbye. I’m missing you so so bad. I keep going over our text messages and it hurts so bad. You were definitely a young King. I love you forever. You know this.

  20. The day I found out your mom was pregnant with you, we laughed because I was pregnant too and here we were two young girls battling the world with our babies inside! When you were born and I came to visit your mother you were so cute in your car seat with your bottle looking back at me. I loved seeing you grow up with my kids and you always called them your brother and sisters and me your Mexican mom lol You were always respectful, affectionate, protective and so talented, taken too soon, you will forever be in my heart! We will see each other again in heaven, may God bless our families! Love always, godmother Bj*

  21. Brandice Stanley

    Hello Tye I’m keeping you and the family in my prayers. Peace and love

  22. Kita Clark-Powell

    Sorry for your loss. Sending condolences and prayers to the family. Love, Kita (Dishawn’s God mom).

  23. I love you fam. real talk. my brother. always in heart. ONE LOVE BROTHER

  24. Ty, I just found out and am so sorry. You & the fam are in my thoughts in prayers. Much love.

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