Solonia Sabrina Miller-Williams

Solonia Miller

Solonia S. Miller was born to the late Annie Mae Miller & James Williams, January 18, 1971, in Camden, New Jersey. Solonia was the eldest of two children on her mother’s side. She leaves behind her young brother, Robert L. Knox, & one niece, Janyla Knox. She had other brothers & sisters on her father’s side, Shoray Jackson, who is deceased; Latasha Lindsey James, who is deceased; Demetrius & Damarcus Lindsey.

Solonia has four children, Annie, Shamia, Shakeya, & Eric; nine grandkids, Tamia, Monique, Zirah, Za’Kiyah, Za’deer, Erica, Derrick D Rone Jr., Ahmaad, & Jahid Jefferson Jr. Solonia had three kids with Calvin Reid, and one son by Leon Hinson, Eric Miller.

I can only summarize that Solonia was raised by her grandmother, Margaret S. Jordan, who is deceased, as well as her grandfather, Simmie L. Jordan, who is deceased. Margaret, her grandma, raised her nine as well as raise her kids. She taught her how to be a woman & the value of life. Solonia received her education in the Camden County School District. She worked in the nursing & warehouse industry. She loved music, baking, cooking, dancing, & helping others. Even though Solonia had her troubling times, she overcame them. Solonia biggest goal was to be the best mother & grandmother she could be & provide a good life. One thing about her, she played no games & demanded her respect. Overall, she had a heart of gold.

Later on in life she moved to Ohio with her oldest daughter Annie & son-in-law, Jaquel P., to changer her life for the better, & accomplished the goal. Solonia then met her last love, George Price & spent her last days in Columbus, OH. Solonia is from Camden, NJ & left a mark anywhere she landed. Solonia is a legend & left behind a legacy.

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